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The Big Question Mark??

There’s always a big question were asking ourselves. Everytime, every day at different moments. It pops up in our heads.

Deep Thinking

Most often than not, it starts with the adverb β€œWhy” and then proceeds to β€œHow”. You keep asking yourself the reason things are the way they are. There’s a constant pondering of the selective reasons your mind is reflecting back to you.

Then the way forward creeps in eventually. β€œHow” can things be done to create an effective change to sooth my Mental intricacy, my persona and all that concerns me.

Moments later β€œWhen” raises it’s ugly head out of the blues. Your waiting earnestly for the positive effect of the change brought about by your β€œHow”. β€œWhen shall this be??” Just like Mary asked the angel in Matthew after a great Prophecy was delivered to her. One greater then her Minds consciousness.

As our personalities differ so does all these questions differ, with the adverbs a constant. Although some questions between different individuals may be similar in concept, but may not be exact in its actuality.

β€’ What questions do you ask yourself??
β€’ Have you gotten answers yet??
β€’ What do you think is missing before you get those answers??


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    1. I’m happy you found it worthy to be reposted

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