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How Underestimation Caused A Repeat of 1752

Your psyche is wavering to find out what this content is about. If you are keen to find out and your trinket is unending, keep reading and you’ll find out.

The year 1752 was a year I’d call hilarious.  In that year there was a transition from the Roman Julian Calendar to the Georgian Calendar in England. This was specifically done in September. The effect of such transitioning caused a loss of 11 days in the Calendar days for that month.

The Julian Calendar was 11 days longer than the Georgian Calendar. So the King ordered 11 days to wipe off from the face of the calendar. Workers worked 11 days less but were still paid salaries for the month.

In the Georgian Calendar April was the 1st Month of the year, but, in the Georgian Calendar, January became the 1st month of the year. Some citizens still referred to April as the 1st month. This made the king order a Royal Dictum โ€œThose who celebrated 1st April as New Year Day will be Labelled Foolsโ€. Perhaps that’s where the Concept of April 1st being April Fools Day emerged.

Was such an event repeated and what has Underestimation got to do with it?? Keep reading further, I speculate you’ll see the relationship.

During the 1st stage of the Health Scare;  COVID 19 Pandemic, I began to pen my thoughts down in my blog. It was quite successful actually. Lots of followers, Readers, following too. I even got an interview from another blog concerning my blog.

After a long time, I began to find other things that gave me joy like Podcasting, Poetry, Content Writing and Copywriting too; shutting out my Blog. It was all going well with these different combinations. Resumption of school put most of such combinations on hold. I would say I dropped the Pen.

I never believed in the clichรฉ or Platitude of โ€œWriters Blockโ€. I knew it wasn’t a reason for dropping the pen. Neither was time the actual problem. I discovered my problem was that I Underestimated myself. Had thoughts that degraded my work in my mind, even though others around me thought otherwise.

Such mental degradation of my work was the primal reason I dropped my pen. Such underestimation caused ample time to be lost, just like the 11 days that were lost during the transitioning from One Calendar system to another.

โ€œFor every action, there’s an equal reaction to itโ€

Isaac Newton

I decided that this year 2022, I’d pick my own again and I did actually. I’ve started writing poems, articles and content again. Most especially I’d continue to run my blog because I won’tย  want to lose another 11 days again =):


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  1. Intriguing….๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ


    1. I’m happy you found it worthy to repost. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

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