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The Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam

The Picture above depicts what alot are or might be going through.

On a good Monday morning, a man striving to arrive his work place on time or has a scheduled meeting he’s already running late for, meets a traffic jam will think to himself in the midst of the jam, β€œIs it not too late??”. By the time I arrive, β€œwouldn’t everything be over??”…

I’ve been thinking to myself about certain things I want to do and achieve this year and beyond. Thoughts coupled with actions would bring results. My thoughts are still like a naked seed wanting to be planted, so it can spring forth.

My mind has been moving constantly non-stop. The car is likened to my mind but there’s a traffic Jam and I’m now thinking to myself, will I be late??

There are times we think to ourselves, β€œIs it not too late??”

Know that it’s not too late!!!

It’s not too late to start that business, write that book or article, that journey you wanted to embark on, that gym, exercise/work out, etc.

We may have our individual traffic jam making us think that it’s too late, but, it’s not. Brace yourself and start now!!!


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