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Split The Difference

There’s this book never split the difference by Christopher Voss and Tahl Raz. That’s a book on marketing, negotiation and persuasions, but that’s not our main point of focus at the moment.

Truth is, you need to split the difference. But not in the sense that the book put it.

Keep reading to find out my thought concept.

Recently, I’ve been lost and confused about some things I want to do in my life. My actions seem bad, as though I either make wrong choices or never try making the right ones.

I just keep thinking and pondering a whole lot. Some I do carry out, which ends up being counterproductive. For some, I get the feeling of regret for not doing anything at all, which I should have done.

A movie character once said, β€œ nobody knows who they are anyway. Nobody has it all figured out. Compare who you were in the past and who you want to be in the future and split the difference”.

The good thing is, I know what I was in the past and I know what want for my Future that’s a hope I’m clenching right now.

A split difference between my past and my future is my present.


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