Mom and Dad separated when I was 9, See the impact it had on me when I was 19


Mary was the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Kent. She lived a life filled with splendour and glamour from birth until her 9th birthday. One that was meant to be memorable turned out to be a disaster. On the eve of her birthday, Mary overheard some fainty sounds from her parents room but couldn’t really understand what that meant. Few hours to the end of her birthday party the next day, the news of her parents plan to divorce was broken to her.

Mary devasted by this news on a happy day turned sad walked away quitely sobbing. Lots of thoughts flowing through her head like: “why??”, “Am I the reason for their separation??”. She needed answers to her indept thoughts but couldn’t get any.

Now living with her dad who won her custody and without the care of her mum who she had most of her private chats with cause of her easy understanding, she had apathy towards social activities, was emotionally and pyschologically backward.

As Mary advanced in age she became the laconic and tactiturn type. Spoke less and keep most of her thoughts to herself. This lingered for 10 years and she now became a young adult with these characteristics.

What actually happened to Mary?? You might be wondering. Well… you’ll find out if you read further

Mary suffered alot from the seperation of her parents at a very young age. This made her a willflower (socially awkward), spoke less and kept more to herself. A situation mostly known as “Depression”.

Many of us out there are suffering same thing or something similar from the same reason or a different reason. There is a low level of effective communication between you and your peers which makes you think and re-think about your thoughts within you and not letting anyone aware of your problems or even ideas.

The Goodnews is, it’s not too late to change your condition for good.

Following the guidelines I’ll be giving out, you would be on your way to a depression free life void of negative thoughts.

Talk To Someone You Can Confide In

1) Talk to someone you can confide in

This is the first step to easing the pressure your feeling Inside. To releasing that burden or weight of thoughts your concealing. When you talk to someone perhaps a close friend or relative about how your feeling, it makes the problem easier to solve.

Just like the known saying “A problem shared is a problem half-solved”.

A Light Hearted Environment

2) Expose yourself to light-hearted environment

One of the indications of depression is always stay alone. This would generate constant negative thoughts and emotions, but exposure to a social environment eliminates such thoughts. One can attend social gatherings, musical concerts ,etc. This will ease off the burden your feeling.

Take A Communication Therapy

3) Take a communication therapy

Most depressed people lack this act of communication. They end up becoming laconic and tactiturn. A communication therapy will help them get back on their feet when it comes to effective communication. This will a take a while but will work effectively.

4) Volunteer to do a community service

Anything that will stop one from thinking about his/herself and think about something productive will help in recovery in times of depression. Doing a community service will keep one’s mind off his/her life and how bad it has been or will be. This will aid alot in recovery from depression.

Learn A Skill

5) Learn a new skill

Being idle will keep one’s mind wandering, but engaging in skill learning will keep one busy and productive. Thoughts of improving in his/her skill level will keep his/her mind off every negative thoughts possible.

Other effective ways include: Engage in exercise sessions, Keep a journal, Speak to God about your innermost feeling, learn to forgive and let go, etc

Depression comes from other factors aside divorce like Mary’s situation, but no matter the factor that caused the depression, the above recovery tips would be effective for expident recovery.


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