A Nineteen years old football team Captain was close to losing their only chance of winning the championship after 45 years of trial— just one quality saved his team.

I haven’t posted here for like a month and I was thinking of what to put up as a blog post. All I knew I wanted to write about was on impending issues in the country. After much thinking, and going through different articles, magazine, newspapers and social media posts. I found an issue that was necessary to be discussed which I’ll share with you if you stick with me.

About two weeks ago the U.S presidential election was held and a new leader emerged. Different socail media pages and news channel talked alot about the new leader. Critics slammed and some hoped praises on him. At that point I knew I had the perfect topic to discuss.

When I was a little bit tender in age I was opportuned to see a movie which talked about a “A Nineteen years old football team Captain who was close to losing their only chance of winning the championship after 45 years of trial, but just one quality saved his team”. Which is where I hijacked my blog post title.

Nice storyline right?? I bet, you want to see the movie after you saw that storyline. You can’t help but read that storyline again. I will aid you by telling you a little bit of the movie if you read further…

Some might not be conversant with the pattern football takes before a title is won, but it takes alot.

Lucas was the team captain of his highschool football team who have struggled for 45 years to win the championship. They advanced from the beginning stages to the finals and we’re down by 15 points by halftime.

Lucas went into the dressing room with his teammates, their coach already devasted and couldn’t put the team together. Lucas had to talk to his team mates before the second half kicked off.

Lucas’s team did a comeback and eventually won the game towards the closing period of the second half and was handed the trophy to the surprise of their coach and all the spectators.

Why tell this story, and how does it relate to the just concluded US election?? This question would be growing in your mind and your itching to ask it.

Well… the answer to that question is this.

Young Lucas exhibited just one quality which saved his team the trophy they’ve been trying hard to get for decades which is called “Leadership”.

“Effective communication is the key to leadership”

Tom Peters

Lucas exercised the act of effective communication which is one the qualities of a good leader.

Ways of effectively Communicating as a Leader


Lucas was able to understand the vision and goal of the game which was being played. He was also able to inform, excite, motivate and build trust among his teammates.

Active Listening

Lucas was able to listen the opinions and ideas of his teammates during the strategy planning for the second half of their game.

Aside communication there are other qualities of a good leader that was exhibited by Lucas such as : Gratitude, empathy, Influence, etc. Wouldn’t go into details about these other qualities cause our focus is on effective communication in Leadership.

Many of us find ourselves as leaders in different places, organizations, churches, schools, social groups, etc. It’s important for us to exercise this act of communication as leaders in different fields for optimal growth.

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