Revealed: Firing Staffs Fast Bolsters your business by 45%


It must have sounded a bit awkward to see such a headline.

Wow— how is this so??

How will Firing Staffs boost your business??

Wouldn’t it reduce the labour force of your business??

Well… All the questions running in your head will be answered soon, if you read further.

Most often than not employers of labour do employ based on skills and certificate qualifications. This method of employing labour is very good but some miss out on another important factor which is very necessary in employing labour which I’ll be sharing with you if you stick with me.

The primary aim of a business is to give value to customers through products and services. To effectively actualize it one cannot do it alone, so more hands are needed which is why more labour is employed. Most companies have a reception who is there you to receive their customers. They are the first to meet with customers at the entrance of the establishment aside the gatemen.

You entered a company and the receptionist sounded rude or arrogant, I know how you must be feeling at that point. You will not want to proceed with why you came in the first instance. You want to go home and quit that job application, or business deal with the company. The lead of the company will be infuriated that he lost a customer, a business partner or a staff.

Staffs, customers and business partners being an integral part of a good and growing business are important and if one is found lacking can stunt or depreciate the revenue of a business.

Here comes the part you’ve been waiting for…

An important factor in employing labour is “attitude”. This is what was lacking in the receptionist of that Company. Just a bad attitude cost the company a lot. Loss of a customer was the result of the bad attitude.

Hire Skills Not Attitude

Due to the third factor that’s necessary in employing labour for a business, a new method of employing labour has been brought to life which I’ll also share with you for FREE.

Hire Slow, Fire Fast

Staffs in a business contribute at most 45% of the success of the business. For this reason, employers of labour now take their time (slow) to checkmate certain qualities in proposed staffs, (attitude inclusive) before employing them totally as full-time staffs. Putting them on a probation period of one week under close supervision is necessary,

But there’s more

Having staffs that’s don’t meet the standard and don’t adhere to business policy don’t work with efficiency and thereby reduce sales and revenue of the business. Such staffs should be fired fast before the affect the mental workrate of other staffs.

So, here’s the reason for the Headline

Firing Staffs that don’t meet the standard and flaunt business policy fast, helps keep other staffs in check and make them work effectively to contribute that 45% they do.

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