They Whispered When I climbed the stage— But When I Started Speaking!

“I don’t know why people oppose my perception, opinion, views and perspective about different area of life”, this is the kind of thought going on in your head, it’s giving you concern and it in turn gives you headache. You wonder why things are the way they are.

Well… your story is not any different from Harry’s.

Harry was a writer who had a different view of life. Did things differently, read books constantly to educate and improve his minds value. His views about different areas of life were constantly opposed by those around him. To the extent he lost CONFIDENCE in himself to speak in public.

One day, Harry just like you out there stood on a stage to address an audience of 1000 people and something I’ll call special happened that day. Just as he climbed the podium he heard whispers from two ladies siting in the front row of the hall in juxtaposition with him.

“Wonder what he talk about today?”, one said to the other. “He’ll surely talk about those awkward views of his” , the other replied.

On hearing their conversation he was still and gathered COMPOSURE and began to speak. To their greatest surprise he spoke fluently and Better than what they expected of him.

Your worries are same or similar with Harry’s I must say. You might not be a writer or a Speaker but certain actions and reactions of friends, families and acquaintances make you lose confidence and self esteem in yourself.

I have 3 simple solutions I’ll be sharing with you shortly.
Without further ado, I’ll let you in on the SECRET Harry used to speak fluently and performed above expectations if you read further.

1) Planning and Preparation

Harry didn’t want to be treated like he used to be treated in past so he came prepared this time around. This is one of the best morale boasters. Once you are prepared for something you have that confidence in you that you’ll perform well.

2) Learning

Harry was able to understand that if he used the old format he’ll get the same result as before so he decided to learn a new strategy which made him perform above expectations. When you find out why it didn’t work before and try to learn a new method you’ll get a new result.

3) Positive Thinking

Harry didn’t allow the negative comments derail his thoughts and rather embraced a positive mind shunning every negativity. He stood firm and spoke to the people.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without Hope and Confidence

Helen Keller

Just these 3 simple qualities made Harry stand out tall and boosted his confidence while he spoke. I impel you to embrace these 3 qualities of Harry’s to improve your self confidence.

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