10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me Episode 2 🤓

One of the best ways of improving credibility is keeping promises. I made a promise to give you the main dish soonest and I’m right into mixing the ingredients for the dish I’ll be serving you—now.
Y’all have gotten the apitizer few days ago, and the main dish is underway. I’m sorry it took a while to prepare the main dish. But, just like the saying “Better late than never”. Good things take time to prepare actually.
Without further ado, I’ll introduce the first ingredient of today’s meal

1) I’m Asmathic

This is a respiratory condition that was inherited from my mum. She was asmathic when she was younger and now I have it too. This condition makes me make funny and weird sounds at night while I sleep, funny enough I’m usually fast asleep while I make these sounds. I’m usually unaware that I make those sounds at night except I’m told when I’m finally awake.
This one of the weird parts of me, sit tight and keep your eyes glued to your screen, read further and at the end you’ll tell me my most weirdest behavior.

2) I’m addicted to menthol inhaler

This is the second ingredient of the dish and will be discussed in a few. Due to me respiratory condition, the use of a nose inhaler was imperative for me. With the passage of time, I got used to using an inhaler, and it made me inhale from my Inhaler even when I wasn’t experiencing a respiratory condition at the moment. I had to force myself in order to stop the addiction. I still battle with it but I’m aiming for a stop.

3) I’m an emotional freak

This sounds a bit squeaky but it’s true. Humans are embodiments of emotions and I’m a confirmation to that fact. Little things can trigger emotions within me. A movie I see, Music I listen to, and some other things around me. The funny part is, I even get an emotional trigger while watching action movies and that’s weird. I love movies and that might be one of the reasons.

We’ve mixed 60% of the ingredients we need for the meal and it’s remaining just two ingridents to add while we stir the food. I can perceive the aroma and I know you too can. Stay with me while we keep adding ingridents and stirring the food for the meal to be done faster.

4) I get inspiration from the weirdest places

This is something I find totally amusing and it takes be aback sometimes. Most of the time I feel creative are abstract moments. I get inspiration while I wash dishes, while I’m sleeping, while I’m seeing a movie or listening to music. The jinx is that for every movie I see I get at least a single book or blog post or poem to write. That’s while I don’t go a day or two without seeing a movie or listening to music.

Before we add our last ingrident I’ll like to give you another little snack pack of what you’ll eat while we wait for the meal to get done.

• I take time off social Media periodically
This is not part of the ingridents for the meal we’re preparing, but I thought it important to tell y’all too.
Sometimes in order to get my life on track I take time off social media for like a week or maybe two to write my book, do some research, write poems, read educational books and think about my future. This helps me alot, I come back refreshed and positive thoughts are in mind towards living life. It’s like a mind exercise I give my brain once in a while.

Let’s not waste further time and put in the last ingrident for the meal to be complete.

5) I hate Onions and Bananna🤓

This is the weirdest of them all. Many people I come in contact with wonder how I eat without onions. But truth is I hate cooked onions, I prefer uncooked ones. The onions sometimes feel a little bit bearable but the fact that I hate Banannas too boggles the minds of family members and friends. They say it’s the sweetest fruit but I hate the smell, taste and looks of it.

With all these weird behavior of mine, I’m still a human being just like everyone out there. Only that I came out with certain qualities, likes and dislikes that others don’t possess. But, everyone has a behavior they display that others or they themselves see as weird.

All the ingredients of the meal I promised has been added in the right proportion and has produced a sumptuous meal from the aroma I perceive. I hope you enjoy you cause it was made with love and a cheerful heart ❤️

#Ponder Younder 🔥🔥


Nigel Zara

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