10 Things You Probably didn’t know about me Episode 1

When I about preparing this post I chuckled at my screen which I was using to write. Sounds weird right??
Well… That’s one of the 10 things about me your about to find out.
I decided to write this post because It really isn’t okay to assume who I am, so I decided to give you a tip of the iceberg from far away. You might be in any continent right now viewing this post; Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America that’s doesn’t really matter though, you’ll get to know my secret!! If you stick with me and read further

Without further ado, Let’s dive right into the business of why we are here. But, before I drop the hot sauce古ust know that I’m a human just like everyone out there, no much difference and don’t let some of my weird characters scare you from reaching out to me wheneveor you can.

1) I’m Dark in complexion

The fact that I’m a black (African) and black (complexion) is something I wasn’t really proud of in time past. With time I learnt to be proud of who I was and where I came from. In highschool I was teased alot because of my complexion and it made have a small circle (introverted) but surprisingly in college I’m an ambivert with alot of an extroverted side.

I’ll just leave it there further questions can be asked in the comments section.

2) I’m a deep reader

The say “writers should be readers”, well… That works for me because I love sourcing for new knowledge. Today is about me and no one else I guess, so keep tight and keep reading till we get to the interesting and weird part of my character.

If you don’t know those then, you don’t really know me. This is a secret even some of my friends are oblivious of.

3) I categorize those I meet

Alot of people think everyone can be their friends. That principle doesn’t work for me. I categorize people I come in contact with into: acquaintances, friends and pals. Let me give you a sneak peak of what each category stands for me.
Acquaintances are those I just met by circumstance and still keep in touch with a little. Friends are those that have a close and deep relationship with. I see the relationship in friendship as complex as love itself.

Weird right??

4) I’m a twin

Alot of people say they love twins, I hear that alot wherever I go. That kind of joy doesn’t excite, maybe because I’m one. I understand their plight though; there’s joy in having a twin. One who is just like you even though my twin is different from me. I love the path he has found for himself in life and I’m happy he’s discovering purpose.

5) I’m an abstract thinker

When I was younger I used to say “Just imagine, what if this was like this and this was like that”. That never left me even after I advanced in age. I usually stay and imagine things and it helps me in writing my poems. I love my mindset and my quest for new knowledge keeps my abstract mindset going. It’s like oxygen that rekindles a glowing splinter.

I don’t wish to leave you abruptly today but I’m sorry I have to. I’ve given you half of the things you actually need to know. I’m just giving you the desert while I prepare the main dish.

Ponder on this and anticipate for the rest soonest
Have a great weekend ahead!! 弘予

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