My Idea of A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day

The phrase “a perfect day” sounds a bit cliche. Can a day actually be termed perfect? What makes a day come with that qualification “perfect”??; You’ll ask yourself upon seeing this Headline. Truth is, a day can actually be perfect but, different people have different things that can happen in a day for them to call it perfect.

The Hot Prepared Soup

Prepared Soup

Mum and sis used to keep different ingredients on the table in kitchen while they are preparing a soup. The soup is a sum total of the ingredients put together. If any of the ingredients is more or less, it distorts the taste and quality of the soup. I sometimes stay at sidelines and watch as these ingredients are carefully mixed to get the desired quality of the soup.
This is the same with our everyday life. Just like the soup, different ingredients (tasks or things) come together to make up our day. I don’t know your idea of a perfect day yet— but I will share some secret ingredient of my own perfect day. It might as well aid you in creating your own perfect day, you never can tell 🥰

But, before I tell you my secret ingredients of my perfect, I’ll like to let you know that a perfect day is a productive day in my opinion.

Here comes the real stuff…🤩🤓🤓

You might close this post and walk out right now and you’ll be asked “What is Nigel Zara’s idea of a perfect day?? If your able to answer, you’ll be given a certain amount of money. You might also be asked in a reality show and you’ll mumbling not knowing the answer. Thereby regretting why you didn’t keep reading this post.

Stay glued to your screen and keep reading, you won’t regret it. I promise 🤩🥰

1) A Work Plan

Work Plan

This is very important in my perfect day because to attain productivity in a day, you have to keep track of what your doing and you have to do it with time fee attached to it. In my day I work with time and a to-do list. Having a work plan is not all that makes my day perfect. Rather, the ability to achieve 80-90% of my tasks is what makes my day absolutely perfect.

2) Having a 30 minutes Workout Session

A Workout Session

Getting to hit the gym or do a home workout session for one hour or less is also important for my perfect day. I like to keep a healthy body and to do so I’ll have to carry out some exercise.

3) Reading at least a book

Book Reading

I love reading and sourcing for new knowledge. “It’s said most writers are readers” this is arguable and might not be 100% true. But, my perfect day must involve reading an educational book or a novel.

Finally, Kill that “little bitch” inside

In order to achieve my perfect day, first and foremost I decide to kill that little bitch inside. Sounds confusing…, let me explain. Anytime you have an internal struggle over “what you should do versus what you know you should do”, that’s the little bitch your struggling with.

Your alarm goes off and a voice inside your head tells you “You’ve been working hard and besides you kept late night” just hit snooze and take ten minutes more of sleep. That’s the little bitch inside your head.

To explain further, I’ll leave you with a simple illustrations we’re all conversant with.


To attain a productive (perfect) day, you should kill that little bitch in your head trying to lure you not to do what is necessary for the day.

Ponder Yonder and don’t fail to comment your own idea of a perfect day 🤩🥰


Nigel Zara

10 thoughts on “My Idea of A Perfect Day

    1. Hmmm,
      This is good…
      That as well looks like my own perfect day, excluding the exercise sessions.

      I feel so relieved when I write down things in my daily nite and end up achieving all of them for that day. This is my simple idea of a perfect day.

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