Time management


Different Times

You done need to do so many extraordinary things to be extra-ordinary.

Warren Buffet

Everyone sees clockwise and the correct direction in which the clock ticks. It’s seen as moving in the right direction.

Quick question: What you do with your time is it worthwhile??. Do you channel your actions with the right time??

Many people spend their time doing less productive things. Many spend their time chatting on social media, Playing game console, chatting with a friend; these are not bad to do, but should be done with time limits.

Clock (Time)

Many are watching the ongoing BBN season 5 and it’s evident that one of the early evicted housemate Lilo was evicted because of lack of TIME MANAGEMENT.

The aim of the Reality show is to showcase yourself and your true personality. She was seen spending her time on forming relationships which was acceptable but, she wasn’t able to effectively manage her relationship time with her personality time.

This is not to discourage spending time on leisure, but to impel you to manage your time. This one of the problems people are facing today.

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