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Self Motivation Episode 1

I have to do something

Motivate Yourself

It’s evident that in this era there are many talkers, Speakers and less doers. You attend so many seminars, Online classes, workshops and yet it as if what your hearing is fallacy and false information. There is a reason for your mind thinking I’m such a manner.

Your head has accumulated alot of information concerning a topic or different subject matters but you’ve not actually acted on what you’ve been hearing. This is a problem many are faced with today. The sad truth is this “If you continue attending those workshops, seminars and classes and you don’t act on what your are being taught, you won’t achieve anything”.

Be ye doers of the word and not heaters only deceiving yourself

James 1 vs 22

Even the Bible acknowledges that without acting (doing) your deceiving yourself. The practical participation of what we hear is what gives us the result. I’d like to share a story.

A sales person attended Brian Tracy’s seminars for a long period of time and one day after one of his seminars he was fortunate to talk to Brian in person and he said “Why are you deceiving these people” and Brian being confused was still mute. He spoke further “You teach them what is not feasible and Brian replied “I teach what is feasible only if you apply what I teach will you see the result”.

There is another problem many people are faced with. We always want someone to motivate us and make us believe in ourselves but we make no effort to motivate ourselves as well. This results to talking down on those Speakers we feel didn’t Motivate us enough.

Motivate Yourself, Act on What Your Hearing

6 thoughts on “Self Motivation Episode 1”

  1. This is so write. People want to be movitated. They get all excited after reading a motivational book or listening to a motivational speaker and then they go home, st down, fold their arms and cross their legs and expect some sort of magic to happen. When it doesn’t happen, they blame the author or speaker for lying to them. If only they would put it into practice. ..

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