The Growing Needs Grooming Episode 3

The Proportionality of Growth to Grooming

The life of an Individual starting from birth to death comprises of certain levels of growth. This growth has been discussed in episode one and two of this series articles. There are two major factors that affects the level of growth in individuals irrespective of the type of growth.



Nature poses a great deal in growth of Individuals in all areas. As an individual is brought into this world nature gives him/her certain gifts that comes with birth. Individuals begin to display certain qualities that weren’t learnt but came from nature inherently. The growth of the individual is greatly influenced by nature.

Traits gotten through inheritance (DNA) are natural and inherent. It’s not learnt nor practiced to be able to master with the Individual. But with all nature has to offer an individual in his/her growth there is another crucial factor that influences an Individuals level of growth.



All that Nature gives without Nurture will bring about a limited and stunted growth. The ability to nurture different areas of an Individuals life can boost growth in those areas by 70%.

As a child your mom nurtures you until your of age to be able to fend for yourself. Academically and mentally you’re nurtured in school until after college, but as individuals there is still a need to nurture your brains in diverse ways because it’s the only way to survive in the generation you find yourself in. Each decade brings new opportunities, ideas, technologies; into this world and to survive and not slack mentally continuous brain nurturing through: reading books, audiobooks, attending seminars, workshops; is imperative.

The Proportionality of growth to grooming is direct. As one grows there is an equal need for grooming (nurturing), this is the only way to ascertain full growth process without limitation and stagnancy at some point of the growth.


Nigel Zara

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