Same Brain, Different Thinking

Have you ever wondered why, our brains are chemically, and structurally alike yet we think differently?? Just stick around and you’ll find out… Been thinking about this for a while. In fact, I actually got this title like week ago but hadn’t jotted a thing on it yet. Cause I was still thinking, or maybe […]

The Traffic Jam

The Picture above depicts what alot are or might be going through. On a good Monday morning, a man striving to arrive his work place on time or has a scheduled meeting he’s already running late for, meets a traffic jam will think to himself in the midst of the jam, β€œIs it not too […]

A Letter To My Subconscious Mind

I woke up this morning quite lazy as does every other morning. Even to stretch and get hold of the torchlight beside my bed is hell lot of an issue for me. After minutes of being hesitant, I’d still gather the strength to get off from bed and start the day’s work. This occurance is […]

The Big Question Mark??

There’s always a big question were asking ourselves. Everytime, every day at different moments. It pops up in our heads. Most often than not, it starts with the adverb β€œWhy” and then proceeds to β€œHow”. You keep asking yourself the reason things are the way they are. There’s a constant pondering of the selective reasons […]


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